Jul 25, 2023

EDB Privacy Policy: Safeguarding Your Information and Trust

Collecting and Storing Information Automatically

Emirates Development Bank (EDB) collects and stores information related to visiting its website. EDB does not define any user, it collects and stores the following information automatically:

  1. Surfing field
  2. Kind of the surfer and the operating system used to enter the website
  3. Time and date of entering the website

The EDB website contains many external links to other networks and websites. EDB does not assume any responsibility for these links because they are considered as being provide for informational purposes only. The user is responsible for assessing the content and usefulness of information obtained. Once a user visits the EDB website, he will be subject to the website’s Information Security and Privacy Policy.

EDB uses Google Analytics, which generates statistical information about website use, using cookies which are stored on users ́ computers. Google stores this information, and its privacy policy can be viewed at http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html.

Changes in Privacy Statement

EDB has the right to modify the privacy statement at any time. In case of applying such changes, EDB will inform stakeholders and their clients about them.


Cookies Definition: A text file (not a program or encrypted software) that does not need a password. The website will find it through cookies put in the hard disk on the first visit. How to Prevent Receiving Cookies: User should prepare the browser before saving any cookies on the hard disk. To do so, you should follow certain technical and technological steps. It is allowed to refuse receiving a cookies file (the text file) or remove it from the browser by using the privacy options provided by the browser.

Information Security

EDB applies various regulative and security precautions to protect its website data from manipulation or destruction. These precautions also prevent any unauthorized person from accessing this data. EDB encrypts data to protect it from exploitation by any other party. It constantly reviews data in line with modern technological developments.

Use Purposes: Data is used to provide the user and the visitor with services requested, in addition to giving approvals if it is laid down in laws or legislations.

Purpose of Information Use

EDB may use website users ́ personal information to:

  1. Send email notifications, announcements, information or other marketing communications; and
  2. Communicate and follow up about enquiries, service requests, suggestions and complaints


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