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Empowerment for Entrepreneurs and mSMEs: EDB Business Lab platform ensures financial readiness, fostering innovation and driving growth for a successful and thriving UAE business economy.


The platform provides free essential resources and content to help entrepreneurs at various stages of their business development. These business courses will cover topics such as Strategy, Innovation, Sales, Marketing, and Accounting. Entrepreneurs will get practical professional tips on how to address common business challenges delivered through short videos

The online platform will provide, EDB’s visitors access to business courses, templates and professional video content curated for:

  • Entrepreneurs with an idea they want to turn it into a viable business.
  • Startups that have established their business and are looking to scale up & expand.
  • Existing business owners that want to expand their SME business.
  • Early engagement with startups and SMEs offering free trainings and courses.
  • Assistance in preparing startups for business banking and management through mentorship and knowledge sharing.
  • Offers and guidance through collaborations with partners to support growth.
  • Regular updates on events and networking opportunities.

Ambitious entrepreneurs and company founders are invited to apply to join our on-going Business Lab courses, mentoring and networking opportunities.

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