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We're extending a strategic call to investors, innovators, and developers to align with the UAE's ambitious 'Operation 300Bn'.
By tapping into the UAE’s robust economy, you can invest in future-ready industries, pioneer advanced manufacturing, and position UAE products prominently in global markets.

'Operation 300Bn' is the UAE's strategic blueprint for industrial acceleration. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the Emirates Development Bank plays a crucial role, committing an impressive AED30 billion to fortify key industrial sectors, underpinning both major corporations and SMEs. Join us in this ambitious endeavour.

We are supporting this with the following products:

Advanced Technology Adoption Finance

Financing for upgrading existing machinery and acquiring more advanced and efficient machinery, especially using Industry 4.0 technology.

Green Finance

Solution geared to entities using alternative or renewable energy or aiming to shift to a clean source of energy, which shall lead to environmentally sustainable development in the country.

Business Expansion

Support industries to develop their existing activities and expand beyond, which in turn will contribute to growth and support for the UAE’s economic development.

Structured Finance & Equity Investment

Provide local industries with capital injection or alternative sources of financing to restructure their balance sheet or grow further.

National ICV Program

We offer financial incentives tied to National ICV scores, benefiting companies in priority sectors. High ICV scores earn better loan terms. EDB's AED 30 billion fund supports 13,500 SMEs, promoting UAE's economic growth.

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