Start-up Financing

Growing UAE's economy by enabling Startups across key strategic sectors.


Our flexible financing is designed to get you moving and help you grow.

  • Financing of up AED 2 million or up to 70% of the assets (Asset Backed Financing)
  • Flexible tenors of up to 72 months

Open a bank account with no minimum balance requirements, in as little as 48 hours, using our digital Business Banking app Apply Now.

Utilize personalized mentorship support from Industry leaders and access to various essential business courses to help you develop and validate your business model.

We offer expansion capital and day-to-day financing that works with your business strategy to help you scale operations, enter new markets and/or optimize cash flows to bridge gaps between revenue cycles.



Here are some solutions relevant to Startups companies

Startup Business Expansion Loan and Project Financing

Even without assets, we offer up to AED 2million based on our financial and qualitative evaluation of your business.

Business Lab

Our innovative online learning platform delivers the tools to learn and be inspired, so that your business is next level ready.

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EDB is excited to bring SMEs smarter business banking through our partnership with YAP. The all in one banking app means...

  • SMEs can kick start their business with quick set-up, a range of transactional services and access to lending products.
  • 24/7 access with secure, convenient, digital banking on-the-go.
  • No minimum balance criteria.
  • Account activation completed within 48 hours and your business account IBAN reserved in a matter of minutes.

Our Business Banking App will be continuously upgraded to provide the latest features/services available in digital business banking.

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We go beyond financial support to provide a platform that empowers rising startups and micro SMEs within UAE to be ready for business. With our key knowledge and support of 5 priority sectors in the UAE economy, we help businesses to run more efficiently, decrease financial risk and embrace innovation to capitalise on opportunities.

Just some of the support you can expect...

  • Business training for Startups and SMEs through online and in-person sessions.
  • Accessible tools and guidance to stimulate business growth through our collaborations with partners.
  • Preparing Startups for business banking at their early stages of business development through mentorship and knowledge sharing.
  • Events and networking opportunities.

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